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CAD Detail Drawings for IKO Commercial Products

Note:The standard roofing details are provided as a courtesy for consideration by the design professional, and not as a substitute for professional engineering or other licensed professional design and documentation required for the project. Roof should be designed and constructed in accordance with local building code and project specifications. Chimneys Connected to Roof Structure Building America Install flashing that is properly integrated with the roof flashing to keep water out of the chimney and roof assemblies. See the Compliance Tab for related codes and standards requirements, and criteria to meet national programs such as DOEs Zero Energy Ready Home program , ENERGY STAR Certified Homes , and Indoor airPLUS .

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Perfect for Flashing Pipes on Metal Roofs The multi-application flashing in a highly durable EPDM or silicone, edged with a flexible aluminium band, flashes hot or cold flues and pipes on metal roofs. The square base fits any prepared hole on most roof profiles. Dekite ® Mini for small penetrations Flashings for Metal Roofs Code Code Code DuraVent 6" DuraPlus Class A Chimney Pipe - Roof Flashing The DuraPlus 6" Class A Chimney Pipe Roof Flashing for 7/12-12/12 Pitch is used to weather proof the penetration of chimney pipe through the roof. Storm Collar required. Select roof flashing based on pitch of roof. For example, a 6/12 pitch has a vertical rise of 6 over a FLASHING GUIDE - Lysaght3.11 Types of penetration flashing design 16 3.12 Flashing large roof penetrations 17 3.13 Flashing small roof penetrations 19 3.14 Expansion 20 3.15 Standard roof flashings 21 3.16 Non standard roof flashings, cappings 24 3.17 Box gutters 25 3.18 Barge gutters and capping 26 4.0 Typical wall flashings 27 4.1 Cladding orientation 27

Flue flashing from Grant designed with installers in mind

Apr 15, 2016 · The adjustable flashing comes with a robust and sturdy two part plastic storm collar which offers flexibility for the installers. It fits up into the weathering collar so it is easy to make a weathered joint fit to the flue system. This adjustable flashing can suit roof pitches ranging from 20° up to 45° (depending on the flashing size). GAF Factory-Certified Residential Roofing ContractorsPipe, vent, and conduit penetrations through low slope roof assemblies can cause problems for an otherwise tight membrane, insulation, and deck design. With many intermediate layers in roof assemblies, such as a vapor retarder and cover board, there are opportunities for things not to be done correctly somewhere in the assembly. MODIFIED BITUMINOUS ROOFING GUIDE SPECIFICATIONInstall base flashing over all cant strips, horizontal to vertical transitions, roof edges and roof penetrations. Flashings are to be secured in accordance with current manufacturer, authority having jurisdiction and governing code body requirements.


11.0 Flashings 52 11.1 Materials 52 11.2 Longitudinal flashings 52 11.3 Transverse flashings 53 11.4 Flashing at change of pitch 55 11.5 Flashing large roof penetrations 55 11.6 Flashing small roof penetrations 57 11.7 Flashing walls 58 11.8 Bushfire protection 60 References 61 Index 62 Contents Request for Statement of Qualification/Proposal flashing and add new flashing, crickets around roof penetrations, and replace the existing vapor barrier. Add 2 of closed cell polyisocyanate insulation. Specify that the new roof high temperature vapor barrier cannot be left more than 30 days without a new roof being placed over it. During the roof process the building must SECTION 23 05 29 - HANGERS AND SUPPORTS FOR judgments by licensed professional engineer suitable for presentation to authority having cradle to support pipe, for roof installation without membrane penetration. 1. Manufacturers:a. base flashing on roof curbs. Flatten and solder joints.


Roof pipe penetrations shall be made through a pre-molded flashing, specifically manufactured for the malls roofing system, with a UV-stable neoprene or EPDM boot that conforms to the size of the pipe. Flexible piping or conduit shall not pass thru roof penetrations or flashings. Roofing work shall be provided by the Landlords roofing contractor. The Tenant shall pay all cost for roofing work. system solution. - Nucor Building Systems7. Roof Covering Nucor CFR Standing Seam Roof System 7.1. General 7.2. Panel Material 7.3. Panel Configuration 7.4. Panel Clip & Fasteners 7.5. Trim and Flashing 7.6. Installation 7.7. Clean-Up 7.8. Maintenance 7.9. Erection Sequence 7.10. Coordination with Other Trades 7.11. Erection Care 7.12. Field-Cutting of Panels 7.13. Roof-Top Units Coatings Design and Installantion Considerations Johns Coatings Design and Installantion Considerations. When it comes to design, we've got the tools to get you from the desk to the roof. Here you will find all of the PVC specifications, 3-part specs, details and installation guides. If you have any questions when it comes to installation, please contact our Specifier Services Group for design and