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Fire Department Equipment. Fire Pump Test Meters. Flexible Drops & Seismic Solutions. Flexible Sprinkler Hose. Foam Concentrate, Tanks & Proportioners. Grooved Couplings & Fittings. Hose Valves. Nitrogen Systems. OS&Y, Check, and Butterfly Valves. Fire Protection Pipe and Connection Fittings in Fire PipelineThe fire protection pipe and connection fittings are mainly used to connect firefighting equipment, conveying fire fighting water and so on. It is also called fire sprinkler pipe and fittings. Due to the special requirements, the thickness and material of the fire protection pipe and fittings

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To connect standpipe to control fire pipeline, distribute pipeline, or support in different sizes and different directions, grooved fittings are the best in the fire sprinkler pipe fittings. By using groove connection, the project time is shorter with faster installations and easier maintenance. Flexhead® SuperFlex® with SLT Technology Viking Group The only fully welded flexible sprinkler drop in the industry is available with SlideLOK 74FP coupling. No need to measure or count the number of bends. No need to worry about leaks or kinks. No need to tape or use pipe dope on the threaded fittings. This sprinkler drop Flexible Sprinkler Hose for Exhaust Ducts - SFT-O & SFT-N Viking Valves & Systems; Viking Foam Products; Viking Special Hazards; Viking CPVC Piping System; Flexible Sprinkler Connections; Anvil® Grooved Products; Related System Valves; Steel Pipe & Fittings; Hangers & Fasteners; Electrical Products; FDC Equipment; Tools & Accessories; New Product Announcements; Tech Data. Viking Fire Sprinklers

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GROOVED COUPLING. Ductile iron grooved coupling includes 3 parts:housing, gasket, and track head bolts & nuts. The housing engages the grooves of standpipe ends, and the gasket encompassed by the housing forms a sealed chamber, with bolts and nuts tightened. So, a leak-tight structure of a self-restrained pipe joint is created. Grooved flange - Steel Pipe and Fittings SupplierGROOVED FLANGE Pipe flange is a way of joining pipe, valve and pump together by grooved, welded, or screwed type. It provides an easy access for installation, cleaning and modification of the leak tight structure. Grooved flange is used for connecting fire protection pipeline of conveying water and suppression agent in fast installation. Hdpe Pipe Fittings - ENERGENIQHdpe Pipe Fittings. Description Contact. SHIELD GLOBAL supplies a wide range of fittings used in HDPE piping industry, this range includes fittings for butt welded, Electro-Fusion welded and flanged connections. These butt-welded fittings are of two types, moulded (injected) fittings and segmented fittings. Click here for More Details.

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Grooved Couplings & Fittings; Hose Valves; Nitrogen Systems; OS&Y, Check, and Butterfly Valves; PEX; Pipe Fabrication; Pipe Hangers & Fasteners; Post Indicator Valves; Residential Fire Pumps & Tanks; Sprinkler System Expansion Tanks; Steel Pipe; Welded Outlets and Drop Nipples MTM-40 & GR-40 SPF Welded Outlet Fittings ASC MTM-40 & GR-40 SPF Welded Outlet Fittings. Description. SPF Welded Outlet Fittings offer the user a high strength, low cost forged threaded and grooved line of fittings specifically designed and manufactured to be installed on proprietary thin wall flow pipe, Schedule 5, 10, and 40 standard wall pipes. SPF Welded Outlets are forged steel welding outlet fittings. NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY PROJECT NAME FOR:JOB 3. Grooved-End Fittings for Steel Piping:ASTMA 47/A 47M, malleableiron casting or - ASTM A 536, ductile-iron casting; with dimensions matching steel pipe. 4. Grooved-End-Pipe Couplings for Steel Piping:AWWA C606 and UL213, rigid pattern, unless otherwise indicated, for steel-pipe dimensions. Include ferrous housing sections,


2.2 STEEL PIPE AND FITTINGS All steel piping in this article is suitable for 175-psig (1200-kPa) minimum working pressure. Pipe in first paragraph below is intended for use with flanged, cut- or roll-grooved, plain-end-pipe, threaded, and welded joints. Pipe is available in NPS 1/8 to NPS 26 (DN 6 to DN 650). Use only black-steel pipe for roll Steel Pipe Reliable SprinklerSteel Pipe. Reliable offers a full range of UL Listed, FM Approved sprinkler pipe from the most trusted mills in the fire sprinkler industry. Schedule 10, Schedule 40, Flow (Schedule 7), and threadable, light-wall (Schedule 30) are all available and are offered in both black and galvanized finishes. These sprinkler pipe options are available by the stick or by the bundle at our distribution centers. UFGS 21 13 13 Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems, Fire Protection2.3.1.1 Steel Pipe Fittings Grooved Mechanical Joints and Fittings sprinkler risers, control valves, drain lines, sectional valves, and inspector's test valves and Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe ASTM A153/A153M (2016a) Standard Specification for Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip) on Iron and Steel

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1-1/4" STD Long Radius Carbon Steel Welding 90 Degree Elbow. Multiple Manufacturers. Product:90W102. Product Type :90 Degree Elbows. Material :Carbon Steel Welding. Qty :Add to cart.Grooved Couplings & Fittings Reliable SprinklerGrooved Couplings and fittings are available in painted or galvanized finish and are cULus Listed and FM Approved for use in systems up to 300 psi pressure. Designed, implemented, and enforced by Titus engineers, quality controls ensure product integrity and functionality.