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Can Trotec laser cut metal? FAQ Trotec Laser

Apr 19, 2018 · Speedy flexx Series:Laser engraver equipped with a fiber and CO2 laser source In general, it is possible to cut metal with both CO 2 and fiber laser . Metals such as steel or ferrous materials can be cut more easily than light or non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminum. Economical plate fiber laser cutting machine A SeriesA-Series is a cost-effective and economical medium and low power single-plated fiber laser cutting machine, with a high cost performance. The equipment is stable and durable, with an open structure. A-Series can cut these materials in batches, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum and aluminum alloy, brass, etc..

Fiber Laser Cutting vs. Traditional Sheet Metal Cutting

Laser cutting of mild steel and stainless steel has a long history and has been one of the primary applications for CO 2 lasers. However CO 2 lasers have not traditionally offered a good solution for cutting highly reflective materials. Fiber lasers have an emission wavelength of around 1.07 µm, compared to 10.6 µm for traditional CO 2 alternatives. . Not only is the 1.07 µm laser light Fiber Makes the Cut - Shop floor lasersWith stainless steel and thinner mild steel, up to 6 mm (1/4 in.), a 1.5-kW fiber laser can cut just as quickly as a 3-kW CO 2 laser. This very high power density translates to increased output, yet operating costs for fiber laser cutting systems are lower than those of traditional CO 2 systems. A final benefit of fiber laser is maintenance. Laser Cutting Coated Metals - High Coated Metal Laser Minimizing the removal of the special coating on the base material is a much-desired trait when using CO2 and fiber lasers. Laser Cutting Company processes a lot of coated materials, everything from silicon steels for the Energy industries to galvanized metals for automotive applications.

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Jan 06, 2021 · This is a professional single-platform fiber laser cutter machine, and it is mainly used to process metal plates. As a metal cutting laser machine, it come standard with a lot of famous laser cutting machine accessories, such as the Switzerland Raytools laser head, France Schneider and American Honeywell Low Voltage Electric parts.So this fiber laser cutter machine has higher work Micro laser cutting Precision laser cutting of metalsFiber laser cutting offers several advantages, such as a minimal heat impact, high speed, and an incredible accuracy of ± 0.01 mm. The micro laser cutting is offered as a supplement to our etching technology, most often in the designs where very high geometric precision or very narrow openings are needed in relation to the material thickness. Which Assist Gas Should I Use For Fiber Laser CuttingJun 16, 2020 · During the laser cutting process, a laser is used as a heat source to melt or vaporize materials. To cut the materials with a high-quality edge, an assist gas blows through a cutting nozzle on the laser cutting head. Then the molten material pushes out of the hot spot where the laser light is hitting the material. This area is known as the kerf.

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Fiber lasers are rapidly replacing the CO 2 in the cutting arena with major cutting OEMs switching or already offering fiber based cutting machines. These machines are available with fiber lasers from 2 to 6 kW offering the user the ability to cut both sheet metal as well as plate on the same machine base.