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2 38" EU L80 PSL1 API 5CT Tubing Coupling - Replacement

Aug 06, 2020 · 3.1/2 EUE N80 PSL1 API 5CT Tubing and casing Coupling. Dimension and Requirements For Tubing and Casing Couplings. Descriptions and Dimensions:Sort of Thread:O.D* L:Fat (mm) (kg) Tubing Coupling:2-3/eight&quot:NUE:seventy three.02*107.ninety five:1.28:two-three/8&quot:EUE:seventy seven.80*123.82:1.fifty five:two-7/eight&quot:NUE:88.ninety*one 3-1/2" COUPLING EUE 8RD API 5CT SEAMLESS PSL2 Performing Standard:API-5CT API-5L ASTM- A106-Gr.B ASTM- A53 DIN BS JIS EN. Size of oil Tubing:1.9"-4 1/2" Ends:NUE/EUE. Size of oil Casing:4 1/2" -20"Ends Connection:STC/LTC/BTC, Premium Connections. We can manufacture all kinds of Pup Joint of Tubing and Casing, Coupling

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31/2couplingeue 31/2couplingeue API 5CT Eue Coupling for Cheap Sale Sinovest Group - PipeSIZE:Tubing coupling from 1.9 to 4-1/2, Casing coupling from 4-1/2 to 20. TYPE:NUE, EUE (tubing coupling), STC, LC, BTC (casing coupling). SURFACE TREATMENT:Whole phosphating, or inside phosphating and outside coating. PACKING:By carton, wooden case, wooden pallet, or by requirements of customers. API COUPLINGS FOR CASINGS. API 5CT Grade J55 Casing Pipe, J55 Tubing Material This oilfield tubing can be delegated NUE type and EUE type. You can discover here Seamless 5ct j55 Petroleum Casing Pipe Dimensions and Casing Wall Thickness. Determinations incorporate 1.9in (48.3mm), 2 3/8in (60.3mm), 2 7/8in (73.03mm), 3 1/2in (88.9mm), 4in (101.6mm), 4 1/2in (114.3mm) and so forth. The profundity of our item to plummet the

API 5CT&5B 2-3/8 "and 3-1/2" EUE Tubing Couplings

API 5CT&5B EUE Tubing Couplings. Size:2-3/8"-4-1/2"eue. Grade:J55,N80-Q, L80-1, P110 Usage:Well Drilling Machinery Surface Treatment:Whole phosphating, or inside phosphating and outside coating Packing:By carton, wooden case, wooden pallet, or by requirements of customers. Threading:8rd Color:green on surface and black inside thread Class:Pipe Fttings Material:API 5CT Seamless API COUPLING STANDARD SIZES AND LENGTHSAPI COUPLING STANDARD SIZES AND LENGTHS LTC . Coupling Size (Decimal) Standard Coupling Length API Coupling and threads for Casing & Tubing (OCTG Tubing coupling. Normally tubing coupling OD maximum is 4 1/2, as the tubing pipe is applied for the drilling activities (Inside the tubing is the sucker rod to drill/pump the oil), couplings type is more various and rigorous than casing, mostly used is thicken type upset coupling (Internal upset and external upset), for short is EUE

API-5CT EUE Tubing Pipe - API Coupling, Casing Pipe

To enhance seal efficiency of API EUE tubing in high-pressure system, a grooved coupling, which accepts nonmetallic seal rings, is quite often applied in the coupling (see API Spec. 5CT SR 13). API EUE joints come in OD sizes of 1.050 to 4.500 inch. Specifications EUE L80-1 tubing coupling - wfptmcDescription for External-upset tubing coupling. Specifications :1.900 2-3/8 2-7/8 3-1/2 4 4-1/2 Steel Grade :L80-1 . Thread Type:External-upset EUE . Main Parameters :For 1.900 the taper is 1/16; thread pitch is 10 teeth per inch; thread height is 0.0556(+0.002 -0.004) inch. EUE Tubing Torque Table Engineers EdgeThe EUE joint has a designed joint strength in tension and pressure strength greater than that of the pipe body and, therefore, is considered a 100% joint efficient connection. For proper lubrication and sealing, the joint requires thread compound as defined in API RP 5A3 . To improve the seal performance of API EUE tubing in high-pressure service, a grooved coupling, which accepts nonmetallic seal rings, is sometimes used in the coupling

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Browse for l80 eue tubing coupling sold in multiple sizes and lengths. Compare l80 eue tubing coupling for super deals and incredible discounts suited for your project. OILFIELD COUPLINGS - Keddcoapi external upset end (eue) tubing couplings cplg size regular special clearance regular bevel weight ctn qty 1.315 1.660 1.900 2 3/8 2 7/8 3 1/2 4 4 1/2 1 1 1/4 1 1/2 2 2 1/2 3 3 1/2 4 1.660 2.054 2.200 2.875 3.500 4.250 4.750 5.200-----3 1/4 3 1/2 3 3/4 4 1/4 5 1/8 5 5/8 5 3/4 6 1/8 10 10 10 10 10 10 8 8 0.84 1.26 1.25 2.82 5.15 8.17 9.57 10 API 5CT N80 Tube Coupling 3-1/2 Inch EUE Black - DerboAPI 5CT N80 Tube Coupling 3-1/2 Inch EUE Black +86-28-85223949, +86 157 5623 0789. Get in touch with us. [email protected] Get our quotation in 24 hours