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Charlotte Pipe has been a trusted manufacturer of plumbing systems since 1901, and is the nation's top maker of cast iron and plastic pipe and fittings. Charlotte Pipe is headquartered in Charlotte, NC has seven plant locations across the United States, and is distributed around the world. Company - U.S. Pipe Valve & Hydrant, LLCU.S. Pipe Valve & Hydrant water distribution products have been available for well over 100 years, with the first such hydrant manufactured in 1896 in East Orange, New Jersey by A.P. Smith Manufacturing Company. In 1966, a predecessor of United States Pipe and Foundry Company, LLC purchased the hydrant division of A.P. Smith, and, in 1970, relocated the New Jersey operations to Chattanooga, TN.

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[United States Pipe and Foundry Company] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. General Catalogue United States Pipe and Foundry Company History - Charlotte PipeHistory 1901 - Recognizing the need for plumbing pipe in the newly industrialized, post-war South, W. Frank Dowd built a small foundry in Charlotte, North Carolina, to produce cast iron soil pipe and fittings. The original Charlotte Pipe and Foundry employed 25 men. Sewer History:Photos and GraphicsSource:Cast Iron Pipe, Standard Specifications Dimensions and Weights (Burlington, New Jersey:United States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co.,1914). This clay pipe, made circa 1800, was used to convey water around the site of Mission San Luis Rey (located in modern-day Oceanside, California). The pipe stayed in active service delivering water until 1957. Source:Courtesy of the National Clay Pipe

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U.S. Pipe, a Forterra company, offers a complete range of Ductile Iron Pipe, Restrained Joint Pipe, Fabrication, Gaskets, and Fittings, along with other products for the water and wastewater industries. US Pipe 2023 Saint Louis Ave, Bessemer, AL 35020 - YPU.S. Pipe & Foundry Company has a history dating back to 1899 as United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company. It is a subsidiary of Walter Industries, a diversified company in water infrastructure, flow control and water transmission products. The company is a producer of metallurgical coal and natural gas for markets throughout the world. United State Pipe And Foundry Comp See Full Importer US Customs Records Notifications available for United State Pipe And Foundry Comp. See their past imports from Randal Industrial Co.,limited, a supplier based in South Korea. Follow future shipping activity from United State Pipe And Foundry Comp.

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Nov 15, 2017 · United States Pipe And Foundry Company Randal Rust 2017-11-15T14:40:02+00:00. United States Pipe and Foundry Company - Birmingham, AL Nov 06, 2011 · On March 3, 1899, the United States Pipe and Foundry Company was incorporated consolidating 14 iron and steel foundries in 9 states. One of these foundries, the Howard-Harrison Iron Company of Bessemer, was founded in 1889. In 1911, the Dimmick Pipe Company, located in North Birmingham, became part of the company. United States Pipe and Foundry Company Tennessee Oct 08, 2017 · In 1969 the firm, now known as U.S. Pipe and Foundry Company, was purchased by the Jim Walter Corporation, a leading producer of building materials and prefab houses. U.S. Pipe and Foundry continues to be one of Chattanoogas leading manufacturers.

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  • Big Combination at The Turn of The CenturyDepression and Postwar YearsChanges in The 1960sLeveraged Buyout of The Parent Company in 1987New Developments in The 1990s and AfterFurther ReadingIn 1929, the company changed its name from United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry to simply United States Pipe and Foundry. U.S. Pipe had shown solid earnings all through the 1920s and into 1930. Nevertheless, the company soon felt the effects of the Great Depression. U.S. Pipe depended largely on municipal spending on public works projects, and with high unemployment in the depression years, municipal budgets were severely strained. Many cities were hard pressed to meet payrolls for thU.S. Pipe - BhamwikiHistory. U. S. Pipe was formed in 1899 as the United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Company out of the merger of 12 companies and 14 plants located in 8 states, including the south's first pit cast plant built in 1882 in Chattanooga (former David Giles Company). The "Cast Iron" portion of the name was dropped in 1929. The headquarters of the new company was located at the Burlington, New Jersey